its okay to be diffrent

“we should build you another world to live in you prolly dont belong here” while this would offend alot of us Nalia was not even pertubed, she stood for her principles and what she believed in. you know what its okay to be diffrent its okay to demand more, set a standard for yourself dont just go with the flow thats so old fashhioned, only dead fish go with the flow , speak your truth. well everyone in the room looked her with a look of disapproval as if she dared question the unquestionable , ‘how dare she /’ how could she ? while everyone else was questioning her she was living her life without settling for less or selling herself many times have we gone with the flow just because we daed not be diffrent we dare not upset or disrupt accepted norms , if it doesnot sit well with you speak up , say your truth , they dont have to accept it and you dont have to force them but you need to know its very okay its very normal not to fit in the cliques make your own we do not share a destiny walk in your own shoes and dont hide in the shadows like I told Nalia believe in yourself enough for others to believe you. dare to be diffrent better yet dare to be you.


Beauty and the future

How I love this man that everything about me when I am with him betrays what I feel ,I try so hard to be classy but when his right there at that moment , its dejavu.I cant express it my friends think have lost it this time and maybe I have but that inner feeling , that gut that womanly intuition tells me he is the one I have been waiting for , he is the one I want to spend forever with , my today , my tomorrow , my forever .there is no life worth living without him. He is that prayer I have always prayed. I want to sire him the son he has always dreamt of, I have no doubt he will be the perfect father and the husband on planet earth he is superman literally, he has taught me a lot of things, he makes me better every time I spend time with him, oh God how do I say this I am deeply in love with a man who doesn’t even know he is what I need. To him I am just a friend who is possessive and maybe crazy and overly dramatic in nature. I didn’t want to be caught up in such a circle again, I fell for a friend once and three years later he admitted he did like me too but he was a douche bag and we did not even last a week. This one feels different though they wouldn’t pass as my type he is a good charismatic leader a quality, my future hubby must have. I like him way too much, no what am I saying I love this man, his rock. Looking at this girl how could I possibly even think of kill her bubble while it was evident she was in cloud nine. Maybe he will finally realize her but I couldn’t help but think how many ladies are in her predicament, the one person you want to notice you actually never does or does after the halo over your head disappeared decades ago, she was searching my eyes for answers and I knew it was time I said something…


Adele is not The only one who thought about her Ex.When quiting a relationship we are either hurt depressed or struggling to let go. We feel ourselves with all the positive energy we can get


If his the one just maybe he might come back running, begging,pleading,beseeching for your love,seconds evaporate to minutes, days into months, tears subside to just hopes them wishes then you can’t remember why you even fell in love with him


We have all the reason to hate and leave and thank God we dodged the bullet, weeks turn into months…life is so busy challenging and all so beautiful at the same time everything is going on perfectly.


Months turn into years then he texts out of nowhere just to wish you ” Happy Valentines”.Only a stone would be moved,finally he did miss you or why did he keep your email number all this while days go by his back to his silence what makes a man text you after two years??you text back two days later no reply. Why then did he keep your number all this wonder. Three years down the line the question is inevitable yes we are in a relationship but was it worth it.losing him especially if his successful and you are with a hustler who is trying to gain momentum. Your ex already got his five minutes of fame and is doing pretty well. Is it wrong yo miss an ex and even admit yes I actually do miss you. Maybe if we fought for us we’d be together yes I am happy with my new man but for a don’t of a second my mind wonders to you. Just what if


Reality checks in; yes I would want a relationship but with the same characters would it work yes we had good times but I left because you were not all times we leave a relationship not because we want to but because it hurts us more by staying and holding on to tommorow that we can never be too sure will ever see the light of day,the person we love the most might not love as back In the same measure for a minute it will be okay until it is not enough. That closed door. You closed it for a reason ,don’t look back and wish he was in your arms as successful as he could be just be glad you were once there. Its okay to miss someone after all they shared a part of your life but it is also okay to forgive move on n be happy for them,Thats the true definition of true love


# deuces to the past

Trashed diamond


All she needs she believes she can get but Its always like a mirage;close enough to touch it ,feel it,grasp it,but does it really exists. No one can ever fill that gnawing gap inside a human being.  She adores herself enough to understand that. A diamond she is, trying to be better every single day,selfless,but when her hands are raised,beautiful round face tear stained;sees what her soul longs for: a soulmate that life partner that will treat her spirituality like it mattered. With God as the foundation, Him on the throne nothing goes on without His covering His grace,providing for us according to His riches in glory… What is so hard too complex too unbearable for him in church? What? If the rest clearly comprehend the importance of Yahweh why can’t hers occasionally or even once in a blue moon just go with her, hear the Word ,pray together as the rest. Tsepiso  needs that spiritual connection otherwise is it possible to love so blindly enough to cut off her ties with church. She can go alone yes but what is the whole essence of getting married to someone who doesn’t understand the most vital elements that make you. If he cannot go out of his way during dating will he in marriage. As thoughts bombard her mind she kneels and pray her potential mate would have a relationship with God Sure she can give time but should she give her entire being to this one sole mission. Rescuring a soul that does not even know it needs salvation.



      “Does it mean because I am HIV positive I can not go to school,does it mean because I have the virus I am not allowed to play or mingle,does it mean my life ends. People like me deserve a chance too.”12 year old Elijah Lemayian  is a perfect example of what is still going on in our midst.HIV pandemic is not new in Kenya nor in Africa but the stigmatization is as real as fresh as it was years ago.Young Lemayian could not be admitted to the school of his choice because of his status. That may seem absurd or even fiction.This is one young boy who’s mother was raped and the mother passed on the virus during breastfeeding. Its not their fault they found themselves in such a quagmire. Lucky enough he comes from an affluent family that know their rights. Picture those who live in the slums with no one to tell their ordeal they are not even aware they have rights.No one chooses to be infected contrary to the belief that it is only or majorly through unprotected sexual inter course. What happens to rape victims?Toddlers who acquire it during breastfeeding?Many children in this country are suffering from calamities they never signed for the community which ought to stand tall,support and protectively show compassion is the same one inflicting major wounds in their souls.Why are we forgetting Cancer is more lethal and doesn’t have a vaccine: it doesn’t choose who to attack whether an infant or an adult. Those with cancer are showered with compassion,what happens to those who are HIV positive. The stigmatic nature of people doesn’t begin from far it begins with begins with you show compassion, they need the support the love from loved ones,they also need to go to school without fear or favour,get good jobs and not been fired or retrenched because of their status.We should never forget either way we want to flip it or dish it we are all either infected or affected. Its time to put this behind us and view them as normal people because they are human beings who pump blood the same way everyone else does.Let us protect our own kind after all we are all from one race.The human race.
# Enough with stigmatization.

Renewal of the mind

There is nothing more frustrating or more of a barrier than one’s mind. Our greatest enemy is us.The battle first begins in the mind before it manifests in other forms or ways. What we feed our mind with as cliché as it sounds is what defines who we are even the bible ascertains As man thinketh so is he!!any great strides any new zeal the belief that awakening begins from the mind,any great meaningful change starts from within not without.Most barriers that hinder us from reaching our greatest heights start from the mind… Mind yourself are you your own foe or are you moving you to fulfill your purpose on earth?Look for answers within then the without will only add what you have but it will not define you